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Only a small percentage of family law disputes are resolved by trial. Most parties are able to resolve their issues by agreement, either through negotiation, mediation or collaborative practice. It is important that your Agreement be comprehensive, clearly written and that it will stand the test of time. The lawyers at Gordon Zwaenepoel have expertise in preparing agreements that are thorough and clearly reflect the wishes of their clients. Agreements are used to resolve matters in many situations that broadly fall into two categories:

Separation Agreements

Separating parties, whether married or unmarried, can resolve some or all of their issues by agreement. Agreements can be complete and comprehensive, resolving all the issues in dispute or they may be agreements that resolve only one or two of the issues that the parties have. Agreements can be temporary (or interim) or they can be permanent. Some types of agreements include:

Relationship Agreements

Parties who wish to live with each other often wish to clarify in a formal, legally binding Agreement, their expectations regarding their finances and property during their relationship and what will happen should the parties separate or should a party die. There are several types of agreements:

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