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Patricia M. Hebert, Q.C.

Patricia M. Hebert, Q.C.

The goal of Patricia’s practice is to help families succeed through transition. Getting the right help is so important for people to separate well, for the sake of their children and themselves.

Patricia has practiced family law for over 17 years and has always focused on families. She has represented children and parents in unique, complex and high-conflict custody cases. She works closely with psychologists, teaches new lawyers, works on reforming the law, speaks for children in court and publishes material to educate lawyers, judges and parents on how to deal with children conscientiously in the course of a separation.

After spending many years in court, including extensive child protection and international child abduction cases, she has seen over and over again what can go wrong when parties separate and focus on their conflict instead of their kids. Patricia has represented children in child protection and custody cases for over 10 years. She taught the Representation of Children Training Program in 2005 and has presented many individual courses and seminars on this topic.

As a mediator, collaborative lawyer and litigator, she tries to help parents and children make healthy choices at every stage. She currently brings those skills to a focus on mediation and assisting families in problem-solving through the principled representation of children, so that they have an age-appropriate way to participate in what is happening in their family. Patricia is available for representation of children, mediation, consultations and limited scope services for practical advice on individual situations, and independent legal advice on agreements and Minutes of Settlement.

Patricia also provides consultations at any stage of a separation, to help parents make good choices for the future of their children. She also provides advice and informed consent to children, where appropriate, in family cases.

She can help your family succeed through your separation using a child-centred approach to finding creative solutions that will work for your family and get the best possible parenting plan in place for you, while minimizing time, expense, and frustration along the way.

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